So What IS Authenticity?

The dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of being true’ or ‘of undisputed origin,  not a copy. ‘Genuine.’ 
When it comes to speaking, being authentic is as simple and as challenging as being yourself. But, the million dollar question for most people is…who is that exactly? What Do I say? 
How do I say It? 
Why would they listen? 
Maybe that is someone who has a comfort in just ‘being’ who they are. Standing in their strengths and weakness. Someone who can admit they don’t know, or they were wrong - who speaks from their heart, not a prep sheet. That is an authentic speaker.
What is it to BE authentic? 
To just ‘be’ in your skin while people look at you in a presenting or networking environment. 
What is it to not be invisible in a room, but present, observed, listened to? 
The search for authenticity in our leaders and peers is driven by a fast changing world of conflicting or unsubstantiated messaging. We don’t know who or what is true anymore. Social and news media reveal an increasing use of the word ‘authentic’ as a describer of political and social leaders – either they are or they aren’t.  There is a growing need to find people who speak from a place of knowing and stand in a place of listening. Authentic interactions can lead to motivation and clarity in decision making, risk taking, creative flows and group dynamics.

So what is your ‘Authentic Narrative’?  
An Authentic person is informed by their backgrounds – personal and professional – weaving those stories and those experiences, to create their own narrative of how they be in, and see, the world.  
Your Narrative is how you convey important messages to a listener. How you use and understand narrative is central to understanding and engaging in social change. This is the art of story telling – the way humans have transcribed message and meaning across generations and throughout history. To do this well, for your story to have resonance, it must be Authentic. Authentic Narratives influence behaviour, and inspire action. We believe it is the common denominator for instigating behaviour change, which is generally the key driver at the core of any presentation.  

What are the qualities of an ‘Authentic’ presenter?  
The most powerful and memorable speakers are those comfortable in their skin, those who speak from a place of experience or knowing.  

Our Process
Sensory Loading!  Communication is a full body experience requiring you to think, react, move and respond with all your senses.  
The Who’s Who of You!  In the class we are not interested in what type of person you THINK you are or what type people may have labelled you. We ask you to work towards breaking through your own stereotype to find the best way for you to experience learning.  
Convey!  We create an exploratory, non-judgemental space where we invite you to move out of your normal ways of doing things and experiment with other aspects of you that can be brought to the fore.  
Convince!  We work towards you being able to negotiate a room or opportunity comfortably, having ‘you’ at the centre of your engagements 
Command!  We teach you  to enjoy being the centre of attention, how to hold it, AND how to share it.