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This masterclass is for people who want to be more comfortable speaking in a public environment. Not just professional speakers but also educators,  team leaders, artists, writers. Basically anyone who wants to find their authentic voice.

Many professions require you to communicate the essence of what you do. In a world dominated by social media, powerful message delivery is about being able to raise your voice above the crowd.
Anyone can improve. Powerful speaking comes with practise and with careful preparation and an understanding of how to tailor your message to your audience. Every time you speak its an opportunity to become the speaker you want to be

Mandy and George specialise in behaviour change narrative! 
Hear what other students thought. See testimonials below


"I did the inaugural MASTERCLASS- the Authentic You with Mandy and George last year. It was without a doubt one of the best things I have done. 

The environment provided by Mandy and George was inclusive, safe and exciting. I learnt new skills, met some tremendous people and learnt so much more about myself, my own resilience and refined my public speaking skills. 
I would recommend this course to anyone in any field- at any level as public speaking and the ability to convey a message confidently and coherently is the cornerstone of good professional and personal practice. I also will be recommending this course to my colleagues as I feel it is so beneficial in my particular profession."
Dr Melissa McGrath, Senior Staff Specialist, Emergency Department, Gold Coast University Hospital

"Words seem inadequate when describing the fabulous weekend I experienced with the wonderful Mandy Nolan and George Catsi. I’ve been to many workshops for speakers but this one was absolutely unique and perfect for me. They gave us permission to be our authentic selves and inspired us to dig deep into spaces we may have closed off. The trust they established allowed us to feel safe to explore new material. The contrast between what we were able to do on the first day and our final delivery was startling. These two talented and caring humans skillfully helped us to feel that we had something to offer as public speakers and I would wholeheartedly recommend their work to anyone interested in sharing a message to the world."
Lyn Trail, author, Life Coach & Keynote speaker

"Everyone who wants to genuinely engage an audience should do Mandy and George's short course on public speaking. They combine deep knowledge and years of experience with warmth and humour, which makes their classes informative and fun. They have a real knack for helping speakers build confidence and develop their authentic voice, a skill that can bring even the driest of subjects to life. I loved every minute of their course, and wish I'd done it years ago. Sign up, fellow academics - your students will definitely thank you! " 
Dr Tanya Ogilvie-White, Senior Fellow, Australian National University 

"Went really well - the preparation from your program helped me so much!"
Janelle Ware 

"Mandy and George filled us with insightful information on how to write and speak to an audience. Providing tools of how to "get out of your comfort zone", and discovering a positive and confidant belief in yourself. This is a great workshop for your own Personal Development and for industry Professional Speakers!"   
Natasha Fair Start-Up Business Owner  


"This was a truly amazing workshop. 
 It was difficult as we were all stretched out of our comfort zone we laughed and worked together and within a short time I felt so close to everyone in the group. We were supported by the warmth and skills of George and Mandy as they took us on a wonderful journey of finding our authentic selves. I was riding high for days after my presentation. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to improve their  presentation skills and be taken out of their comfort zone a bit more and find their authentic voice."
Lily Schemlzle

"What a fantastic experience! I took Mandy & George’s Masterclass to improve how I weave my personal stories through my keynotes. They are both gifted storytellers & teachers. The weekend was lots of fun and has been a game-changer for me in storytelling. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to become more engaging as a speaker."
Sheila Langan, Life Coach

“Thanks Mandy & George – you pushed us out of our comfort zones, encouraged us to be ourselves, but to think outside the box, and supported us through the whole workshop with your own unique approaches and experience in presentation and storytelling – great workshop!”
Courtney Tune, Small Business Coach

 "WOW, that was a sensational weekend and I feel like I have participated in something really special.  Thank you.  It was inspiring and wonderful and I am excited to see where and what happens next." 
Sharon Styman, Business Coach & Entrepreneur

"As a healer, I am very comfortable with one-on-one, but to get up and declare who I am to a group - wow! It was for me a transformative weekend on a number of different levels."
Jo Gifford, Healer

"Thanks Mandy and George, a great way to kick start your thoughts vision into a reality." 
Renee Simone, Corporate Event Co-ordinator 

“Thanks Mandy & George – you pushed us out of our comfort zones, encouraged us to be ourselves, but to think outside the box, and supported us through the whole workshop with your own unique approaches and experience in presentation and storytelling – a great workshop!” 
Courtney Tune, Small Business Coach 

"The Authentic You Masterclass is an excellent workshop for evolving presentation skills and confidence to the next level completely. It is not just about the mechanics; Mandy and George have a gentle yet focused way of opening up the powerful potential of each person, no matter our previous speaking experience. Even though I speak about my work as a PhD student, this weekend helped me to express the deeply personal motivation behind my work. These stories had not been shared before, and they will now be included in every presentation I will do from now on. This Masterclass helped me to have the confidence to put my passion into my presentation. Just brilliant really!" 
Shae Brown, Educator

"I found that the workshop really challenged the way I thought about myself as a professional and the message I had to deliver. It helped me bring a sense of vulnerability to my speaking, and confidence in my presence in front of a room full of people. It was fantastic to receive really honest feedback about my content, delivery and posture at the lectern. Thank you Mandy and George – it was invaluable!"  
Laura Daley, Principal Project Officer & Solicitor 

I feel so much more confident about my ability - and capacity, to speak, engage an audience and communicate my message. This was a great workshop - it was really good to see everyone's progress and I have a lot more confidence now.  
Bonnie Cappell -Celebrant and Career Coach

"I had so much fun taking part in the Authentic You Masterclass with Mandy and George. Although parts of it were quite challenging, it was surprising how easy it was for everyone in the group to quickly come up with original ideas. We learnt that anyone can be funny - you just need someone to show you how. As someone who has never liked public speaking, I felt very confident doing my first ever standup comedy routine in front of our entire company, thanks to all the preparation with Mandy and George. Highly recommend to anyone considering this workshop, you won't regret it!" 
Josh Mamouney – Candlefox 

"It was such a unique experience and a pleasure working with you both. We really stepped out of our comfort zones but you made it feel safe and fun! I’d recommend this to anybody who has ever wondered if they could do comedy - with you, they absolutely can." 
Adele Cochrane Content Specialist Candlefox  

"What a thrill to work with these guys! Masters in helping you create a story and communicate with ease and passion!" 
Claudia Reiners, Commercial Strategy Manager Candlefox  

"Mandy and George's comedy workshop is fantastic, I loved every minute of working with them; they're dedicated, hilarious, supportive and personable comedians who give a unique opportunity to flaunt some unknown comedy skills and if the chance presents itself, grab it!" 
Rob Lowe Head of Sales UK Candlefox  

"Before the Authentic You Masterclass, I knew very little about how you should plan, construct, and then deliver a stand up comedy routine. After a few short hours with Mandy and George, I had my routine mapped out, and felt surprisingly ready to perform in front of my colleagues. Delivering my stand up routine was a total blast. I had a great time, learnt a lot, and would thoroughly recommend the program to anyone looking to take their communication skills to the next level” 
Wayne George, Director and CIO Candlefox  

"Mandy and George provide you with a safe and assuring space to find your inner comedian.  Regardless of your experience or confidence level, they'll have you ready to perform with your own original content and support you 100% of the way." 
Scott Bennett, Candlefox