The Masterclass

Speaking Your Powerful Narrative

Group exercises that focus on: 

Who are You? 
How do people perceive you?
What are your strengths/weaknesses as a presenter – how can they work for you? 

What are your IDEAS? How to identify powerful and unique ideas and then align them with your performance purpose.
How to use improvisation for content creation and idea exploration.
What is your Purpose? Identify what it is you want to say, and why you want to say it. How can you say it more powerfully, and in a way that is more engaging for an audience?  
What is your personal narrative and how do  
you best include that in  your presentations?  
Writing structure. How to write to be said,  not to be read.  
How to use humour for audience connection. 
How to deliver powerful messages using minimal visual aids.  
Performance Skills. How do you speak with an audience? How best to engage and connect with your audience? 

What does the Masterclass include?  
Facilitation by two teachers of no more than 16 participants  
Live presentation at completion of class with ‘audience’. 
A final video shared via a Vimeo link provided after attendance. 
Feedback from Mandy and George on your presentation. 
• All food and beverages provided.