Authentic You: Elephant in the Room - Byron Shire: a comedy masterclass in Funny Business

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Rockinghorse Studios, 36 Keys Rd , Coorabell, Byron Bay

AY Presents: Elephant in the Room

Everyone knows the elephant in the room. It’s the problem or the issue that people aren’t addressing. It’s the thing people pretend that isn’t there. But it’s ALL they can see. Of course! It’s an elephant. In a room. It’s hard to ignore! So what happens when you talk to the elephant? Comedy is an incredible tool for speaking to elephants!

Comedian Richard Pryor once said ‘Laughter is the shortest distance between two people’. Humour has the capacity to create connection, to speak to difficult subjects in an accessible way and bring the unspoken into the conversation. Humour has the capacity to shift the narrative and to instigate challenging conversations. Humour is engaging, powerful, and at times, disruptive.

Elephant in the Room is a comedy masterclass in Funny Business where you learn a variety of comedy techniques to reframe and repitch your ideas.

We work with you to find your unique brand of funny and how you might use your humour to connect best with your target audience.

Can you be funny AND be taken seriously? How do you speak to complex topics? When is it appropriate for you to use humour in your messaging?

In our two day masterclass, we teach you how to create comedy that is relatable, appropriate and on message. Humour can drive home an idea in a way that can transform the way people think. In a public presentation, speakers who use humour often are the ones who are remembered. Because humour makes your message not just educational and informative, but entertaining and enjoyable. It wakes your audience up. It’s fun.

Humour is also a powerful tool in the workplace to develop better collegial relationships, it helps forge a resilience that can diffuse stress and conflict.

Mandy Nolan is a comedian of over 30 years, who has taught in excess of 2000 people how to perform stand up. Her most successful student won an Emmy. George Catsi is a comedic character performer, and AWGIE winning writer and academic who teaches character and script development at UTS to animators and filmmakers.

Together, as Authentic You, Mandy and George have a unique skill set. After two years of delivering their Masterclass in public speaking around the country, they have created a course to address the elephant in the room: ‘how do I use humour?’

Everyone wants to be funny. But it’s risky. How do you deliver complex ideas without diluting their potency?

In this masterclass in Funny Business George and Mandy teach you how to bring humour into communications making comedy feel like a natural part of the way you talk. The Elephant in the Room will explore numerous comedy techniques such as stand up and character work, alongside storytelling, music comedy and group work. The process will finish with a live performance where each person presents a 5-minute comedy presentation.

Full Price $650 Early Bird $590 till Oct 15 - Cancellations: Due to the small class sizes please note refund amounts if you cancel: 100% up to 14 days 50% up to 3 days 0% from 2 days before. All Fees are transferable to other AY courses